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Dale Raymond, IDSA

With career experience focused on making complex things work simply, I've learned the importance of design working for both sides of the equation; within the organization as well as for those who use the products. Design, after all, is about people. And design is about learning.

Growing up in Kansas with Dorothy and Toto, I was introduced to small boat sailing and began racing the lakes of the midwest as a teen. Following a degree in ID at KU, Florida's climate drew me to sail larger boats in warmer waters. Bluewater racing became a passion, and I quickly learned the importance of teamwork, strategy, human-factors, persistence and execution in an inherently dangerous sport.

Bending wind to move through water, the dynamics of lift and drag limit how close to the wind one can sail. To reach a goal upwind is an act of optimism, tacking within 40-degrees of true wind to crab your way to windward. I've always enjoyed the precision involved in beating to weather, moving in a different direction to reach the goal. So it is with design, requiring optimism to search for solutions in conceptual areas that aren't readily apparent. Being non-linear can have its advantages, . . .

Following the challenges has allowed me to explore an unlikely path. Sketching ability in architectural illustration led me into an opportunity to learn the naval architecture of highly stressed racing sail boats. This enabled an appreciation of the engineering and analysis that indicates yacht performance and reliability. An early move into the medical device industry exposed me to surgical procedures and an appreciation for the fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination involved in both life-saving and quality-of-life procedures.

Design as a profession became more than interesting. It involved learning about incredible new developments. From vehicle-based satellite communications gear to ophthalmic micro-surgical techniques, procedures and technology. Which led into even more learning about different modes of dialysis and the clinical operations involved. And about orthopedics, and orthotics, and back into vision. Design is learning.

I've recently been involved with retail security, learning the retail side of merchandising, operations, and understanding how the hunter-gatherer gene has evolved into credit-charged selection and browsing behaviors. The technologies involved are both subtle and clumsy; analog, digital and something almost in-between, with challenges created by the interactions of people and the environment they work and shop in.

Along the way, I've generated and contributed to 9 patents, 5 for Design and 4 Functional. I've helped to expand a few bits of bit of technology, created quite a few solutions, and I've learned alot about people and their behaviors. And I've learned to be inquisitive and curious. That's the good part, there's always more to learn.

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