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New ideas are always a bit of a stretch. Mental wanderings that are a fuzzy non-linear process with what appears to be random connections. Somehow they seem to sort themselves out.

e-Tone Matching System
A fresh palette of digital content in an emotional dimension, . . . creatively based on the popular and reliable graphics color matching standard. Imagine digitized experiences becoming available for download from the e-Tones store. Consider specifying the emotional content of an experience, or compounding them, . . . controlling temperature, or seasons, or intensity from ambient background to Full-ON hair-on-fire intensity, captured with "Command-C" control?
SplashWork PowerReaching WeatherWork RanguanaKey Caribbean
From the WaterSport collection
Autumn Leaves Bungeeee Daydream Pre-splash Shoelaces
From the Childhood collection

Suspended Vault

Design Lab Suspended Vault
Inverted tension catenary sheet,
Aluminum perf, 1x19 SS cable, 24' x 14' x 42"

Suspended Vault Skex

Collaborative: Phase One Plus
Adaptive housing concept employing re-purposed public transportation & railway tank-cars

CPOP Tanked-Buses

Information Network for Intelligent Design
Concept, construction & delivery

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