Alcon Micro-Blades
  photo courtesy Gordon Myhre

Medical; small precise changes . . . that matter.

Advances in medical procedures and technology have led to improvements in the quality and effectiveness of treatments and procedures. These programs speak to improving the usability and ergonomics of devices and systems to enable physicians and care-givers to deliver that higher quality of care.

Alcon / Vxtra
Ophthalmic Micro-scalpel, 0.25" x 6.5"
20, 25, 30 & 45-deg Extra-capsular cataract extraction scalpel

Alcon Ophthalmic Scalpel

Alcon / Vxtra
Luer-Lock Anaesthesia Cannula, 30Ga
Sealed end with twin lateral dispensing ports and visual guide

Alcon Anaesthesia Cannula

Trek Medical
Saf-T-Loc,visual indication port,

Trek Medical

Folding-Form development design study

Baxter Fold-form skex

Baxter Renal Therapy
Quantum; Automated Peritoneal Dialyzer
Personal and portable home-basd overnight dialysis

Baxter Quantum

Baxter Renal Therapy
2550 Hemo-dialysis unitized
Dual needle, split mechanical & fluids bulkhead

Baxter 2550 Rendered image Baxter 2550 image


Baxter Renal Therapy
Pac+ Mobile Peritoneal Diaysis Unit
Functional architecture design study

Baxter Pac+ orthos

Baxter Renal Therapy
Pneumatic Controller, Cartridge Peritoneal Diaysis Unit
Schematic design study

Baxter Mini-Cycler

Baxter Renal Therapy
Hemo-dialysis auxilliary pharma-infusion pump
Schematic design study

Baxter Infusion Pump


Alcon Fyodorov System


Alcon Fyodorov Control unit

Fyodorov automated RK system
Conceptual system architecture

Alcon Fyodorov Handpiece
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