AMB-1110 Drop-in flange ring mount

Retail EAS; security for style concious retailers . . .

EAS, Electronic Article Surveillance, when coupled with anti-theft devices and systems is effective in controlling a shop-owner's losses which can approach 5% of gross sales and quickly reach into the billions of dollars. Sensitive to a browser's sense of ease and comfort, tags and systems are designed to enable the freedom of open merchandising and a try-buy experience for the shopper, while providing visual deterents and audible alarms to discourage potential shoplifters. The dual personality expressed in these devices extends to the mechanical clutches and locks that defy tampering while providing quick and sure usability to the sales staff charged with their removal at the point of sale.

Sensormatic / Tyco
Benefit Denial Anti-Theft Tag

Mini Ink tag

Brand building evolved with a design language of layered emerging forms representing a layered approach to security comprised of technology, environment and vigilant sales staff. A conceptual metaphor of the catenary represents the security of cradling balanced with a suspended shelter. The persistent use of common forms and a strong color hierarchy coupled with language independent graphics and visual cues has served to establish a global design recognition.

Sensormatic / Tyco
Magnetic-clutch EAS tag (Electronic Article Surveillance) Anti-Theft Tag using Acousto-Magnetics.

Ultra Tag

Sensormatic / Tyco
UltraTag with wing variation,


Sensormatic / Tyco
RFID UltraTag, Magnetic Clutch with 3X prototype

RFID UltraTag

UltraT Detax Skex

Sensormatic / Tyco
UltraTag with Magnetic Clutch De-coupler

UTag & Dtax

Sensormatic / Tyco
Reduced visual mass mass design to extend the platform,

SuperTag III

Sensormatic / Tyco
VST, Visible Source Tag, Single-use EAS Anti-Theft tag,
Lightweight low visual mass design to reduce merchandising impact, Current production volume; 1mm tags daily.

VST Alias image

Sensormatic / Tyco
RFID SuperTag, EAS with integrated Item Level Intelligence
Compact platform brand language,

RFID Item Level ST

Sensormatic / Tyco
Plug-&-Play Detection System
Integral electronics and ease of installation provides a scalable and simple solution.


Conceptual form development & visual alarm design study,

DoorMax Render

Sensormatic / Tyco
DoorMax low profile / mullion-mount detection system,

DoorMax B-R

EuroPro Render

Sensormatic / Tyco
Traffic pattern evaluation in merchandising environment,
Conceptual integrated detection systems,

Gap Prototype

MaxCalibur Euro-aisle system conceptual design exploration,

MaxCal Skex

Sensormatic / Tyco
Ultra-Lane thin profile Euro-aisle detection system,

MaxCal Line up
PeopleCount Skex

Sensormatic / Tyco
Traffic Flow monitor,
Conceptual design studies & functional / aesthetic prototype

PeopleCount Prototype

Sensormatic / Tyco
Hand-Held Wand to disable acousto-magnetic labels,
Easy, intuitive ergonomics from a countoured mold-split.

Manual DeActivation Wand

Sensormatic / Tyco
AMB-1011,Counter top Label deactivator with fully integrated electronics.


AMB-1200 Skex

AMB-1200 Render-1

Sensormatic / Tyco
AMB-1200 Acousto-Magnetic Deactivation System,
Designed for use with embedded Acousto-Magnetic Labels

AMB-1200 Render2
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