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Works, the scope and detail of the product development process . . .

Design-Lift's interest begins with the business strategies focused on extending platform technologies and introducing new concepts to resolve competitive stresses. Our attention to detail extends down to the texture in the detail against which a thumb can register without sight guidance. Only by having a full understanding of how each piece of the business puzzle fits can Design Lift develop solutions that are appropriate to the organizational goals and the people who use them. I'm committed to helping you realize the value of design within your organization.

With wide experience in product categories spanning FDA Class I & II Medical Devices, communications technology, technical vehicles, watercraft, retail electronics, merchandising, furniture & lighting, and architectural environments. Program complexity ranges from small-batch one-off to high-cavitation tooling and extended production. The scale of products and concepts has ranged from Ophthalmic micro-surgery tools to 14,000 GVWR SNG vehicles.

Field research has also played significantly in many designs with travels in the US, across Europe and China. This has also involved collaboration and project management with design and engineering teams from Cork, Ireland to Shanghai, China.

The empathic aspect of contextual research enables the development of a tangible bridge between strategy and the expressive communication of a product's form, feel and details. I don't understand boundaries.

Listed below are some of the companies we've enjoyed becoming involved with.



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